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Scorpio 2019 Annual Horoscope

–     What are some general qualities you'll find in most Scorpios? Scorpio go all in! They are very passionate people. With a reputation for their strong sex appeal, this sign is known for being the sign best lovers of the zodiac. Oh lala!! However, if you are attracted to a Scorpio you should know…what they really crave is deep intimate connection!!

        Scorpio’s are deep, and capable of profound insights. They are keen observers and are the natural detectives of the zodiac. Scorpio’s make great friends, because of their fierce loyalty, and natural intuitiveness. You can definitely rely on them to share your inner most feelings. They are natural space holders for bridging intimacy and connection. So if you can’t go deep, and prefer to keep things light and airy, then keep on walking. Scorpio’s have no time for the superficial. As a fixed-water feminine sign, Scorpio’s are the shadow workers of the zodiac. They have the ability to go deep into what is hidden, and bring things out into the light. They are catalysts of transformation, and throughout their lives they will go through many symbolic deaths, on their journey towards healing. Scorpios have strong endurance and perseverance. Once they want something they will persevere with a determined focus, even if it takes years to accomplish their goals.  





What is the general overlook of the Scorpio’s 2019 year? 

         Scorpio this is your year to reel in the dough! With the great benefic Jupiter spending most the year in your second house, you will likely see an increase in your financial flow. As money flows in, your shopping habits will also increase. But that’s ok, let it flow, you’re getting the cosmic abundance beams through December this year so why not treat yourself!  You will also see a boost in your confidence and energy levels as well. So put yourself out there, and step it up when it comes to financial matters! Manifestation is your mantra in 2019! You will have the manifestation babe glow this year, so perhaps it is time to  invest in some Law of Attraction books or audio downloads, to take full advantage of your golden astrological alignment this year. This is a year to really sift through your belief system, and shed any beliefs of scarcity or fear of abundance. Sure you have been through a lot, and survived living with less at times. But the universe is really asking you to dig deep, and shift your mindset this year, so that you can continue to propel into a more abundant life for years to come!

          Saturn will be hanging out in your third house and is asking you to shape up the way you communicate and think. Perhaps you will say less and listen more. This is your year to really dive deep onto mindfulness and refine the way you express yourself. You have no time for acquaintances that just want to gossip. You will distance yourself from these types of people. You are a Scorpio after all, but you will be drawing the boundaries even more with those you choose to associate with.  With the eclipses on the third and ninth house axis you could find yourself going back to school or learning something new as well. It is a good time to invest in yourself and expand your knowledge.


In love- Mars your ancient ruler will enter your house of significant relationships on Valentines Day this year, making for a steamy romantic night! Mars will continue his journey in your house of relationships until March 30th, so you will be putting more effort into significant relationships during this time. Things can get very passionate during this transit. However, at the same time mars carries the warrior energy so you could be more inclined to lover’s quarrels at this time. It comes with the territory. Hopefully, the make up sex will be worth it! Another big shift in your relationships will happen on March 6, 2019 when Uranus, the planet known as the great awakener, sends a cosmic blast to your relationship house. You had a brief visit from Uranus here last spring, and got a taste of what is to come. But then it went retrograde back into Aries for one last visit to your house of work and health. So what will Uranus bring? Well it is hard to pin point because Uranus is the planet of surprises. Single Scorpio’s and Scorpio rising signs could meet some one rather unexpectedly, and things could move forward rather quickly. Running off to Vegas to exchange wedding vows? Hey… with Uranus here it could happen! Attached Scorpio’s may need to let go of the reigns a little, because your partner may need a little more autonomy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but could be just a matter of life circumstances, such as work demands or family needs. Your sweetie may decide to shift careers so they me need to put more effort there now. Perhaps it is you that is the busy one…it could go either way with Uranus. No doubt this will be a very liberating time for you in relationships. Not to fret… on March 26th through April 19th, Aphrodite will be throwing her Venusian charms your way! This will be a prime time for romantic dates, with more pleasure and fun times to be had! On May 15th through June 7 Venus will be sending some cosmic blessings toward your relationships, so despite work and family demands, make an effort to schedule some one on one time with your honey! If a significant relationship is no longer serving your highest good, Uranus may be a catalyst for ending such a relationships. Sudden endings are karmic so let it flow.

        For those single Scorpio’s…. Mercury retrograde could possibly bring back a past lover! Especially during March 5th through the 27th when transiting your 5th house of romance.


Career/money? Are you looking for a raise? This could be your year to finally get that promotion. On January 22nd the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter align in your money making house. This is a great time to ask for a raise if you have been wanting to for a while now.  For those who are entrepreneurs, you could land yourself an affluent client during this time.  With Uranus moving back to Taurus those early born Scorpio’s will have Uranus opposing your sun. For some of you there could be career changes this year. Be open to new surprising opportunities and shifts when it comes to your career in 2019. From January through March Uranus will be finishing up it’s cycle in Aries in your 6th house. So be open to changes at work they are inevitable and could be quite liberating.

         Practice mindfulness in communications with coworkers during July 7th through to the 30th as the cosmic messenger mercury turns retrograde and sends out his trickster vibes in your area of work. This is a good time to review, and edit your work with a fine-toothed comb. Finish up the old work projects that have been hanging around your desk for way too long.

        Mercury will spend some time retrograde in your sign Scorpio from October 31st to November 19th. This is a perfect time to reflect on your career goals, and get back to manifesting the career of your dreams! Perhaps start a daily visualization practice, to help speed along the manifestation process!


Travel- With the north node in Cancer this year you may have the urge to travel overseas. This is definitely possible! On July 2nd we have a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer happening in the area of life that rules long distance travel. Perhaps, an opportunity to broaden your horizons while traveling off to a far away place! Your work could also give you opportunities to travel while Saturn is transiting your 3rd house this year.




Family and friends- With Uranus camped out in your 7th house beginning in March, you could meet new people this year that are very different then you. This could be the perfect medicine for you to help you shift your thinking and outlook on life. These new people could also bring much more excitement to your life! Although you will be serious minded, take time for some fun and allow your self to shift out of your comfort zone this year! The third house rules siblings, Saturn could bring more responsibilities on behalf of a sibling. Collectively we have the North Node in Cancer, and South node in Capricorn. We will have to find a balance between these two areas of life in 2019.


Have a blessed year!

Helene Cierzo, Heart House Astrology



Libra 2019 Annual Horoscope

    What are some general qualities you'll find in most Libra’s?

  Libra ladies have class and style. There are usually on the eyes as well. This is, because, they are ruled by Venus the goddess of beauty and love. They are infamously known for their charming natures.  As mother’s they are the moms that dote on their babes. They love to do nice things for the ones they love. They will make sure your birthday party is fabulous, with beautiful decorations, grand designs, and the sweetest of treats!  They often have a sweet tooth.  They make the most thoughtful of hostess’s and are known for their creativity and eye for beauty. Libra’s give big love!! That’s what they live for! They adore their loved ones, and often put them on a pedestal. It can be more of a challenge for them to create a space for their own needs in relationship, since they are so good at seeing the other’s perspective. Peace is also very important to them, so instead of rocking the boat, and speaking up about their needs, they can put there own needs on the back burner at times. Libra is an air sign, so they need a lot of mental and social stimulation. They are very intellectual people. They will look at all sides and are known for being diplomatic. However, this ability to see from many points of view can sometimes lead them to be indecisive. This is because they are masters at looking from other perspectives.

         Lovely, Libra’s have a reputation of wearing rose colored glasses. They love to see the world through eyes of love. The keyword for Libra is: I balance. However this is an ongoing process, not a constant state of equilibrium. Rose-colored glasses, relationship oriented, an eye for beauty, ruled by Venus… you would think Libra’s are a feminine sign, but actually they are not! As beautiful, sweet, and charming as they can be these lovely ladies are actually considered a masculine sign. Libra’s are a Cardinal, masculine, sign and they are one of the great initiators of the zodiac. They are also really good at negotiating, and they do so with a great sense of fairness.






     What is the general overlook of the Libra's 2019 year? 

         This year you will have the gift of the gab! With the cosmic Santa Claus, Jupiter, camped out in your third house, this is a time to put your diplomatic negotiating skills to good use. You will have plenty of opportunities to do so until December 2, 2019. It will be a great time to have important conversations.  Thanks to Jupiter, they will be well received by others. You probably will have more administrative work at this time too but you can handle it! This year Jupiter will be bringing a helping hand to all mercury ruled activities, such as writing, speaking, and studies. Although the work/home demands can be heavy at times, you will definitely enjoy some good times with local friends, or siblings. Don’t forget to schedule in some time for fun. Despite, a lot of responsibility between home life and / or career life, you will mentally stay optimistic and in good spirits! You will get by with a little help from your friends! If you are in need of a new car, or computer this would be a good year for an upgrade. Just avoid doing so when Mercury is retrograde. (March 5th-28th, July 7th-31st, and Oct. 31st-Nov. 20th)

            Responsibilities will be heavy around the home. You may need to restructure your career life to find more balance with your home life.  Make sure you give yourself time for rest and plenty of self-care.


In love- Since 2010 the planet Uranus has been hanging out in your relationship zone in the sign of Aries. Last spring Uranus leaped forward into Taurus, giving you a glimpse of relief. However, Uranus has since retrograded back in the final degrees of Aries, and back into your relationship house. Have you had enough of attracting commitment phobes? Perhaps it is you, that has been, needing your independence, or who has been doing a bit of fence sitting, because something in you wasn’t ready to fully relax into a deeper commitment. Let’s face it your hearts natural desire is aimed at finding that most special someone. But, progress may have been difficult for relationships to stick, or move forward on solid footwork while hosting the planetary rebel in your house of marriage and significant relationships. Perhaps you have had stream of sudden electrifying romances that have ended just as suddenly, perhaps even shockingly. On a soul level this has been a great opportunity for you to refine, your instinctual people pleasing ways, and upgrade them with a more sassy version of your self. Uranus, has sent some extreme self love rays your way, to help you evolve your relationship toolbox, to include a little more room for you and your needs and wants. I hope you enjoyed the trip my friends, because the show is over in 2019. As much as the love revolution has been fun, I am sure my sweet Libra souls are ready for more solid grounds.  March 6, 2019 Uranus will move back to Taurus and stop causing instability in your relationships. You are ready to move forward on more solid grounds, with a complete upgrade in your love toolbox!


Health- You will be very busy this year, with work and your home life. You will need to put some effort into your health. Develop a good self care routine. With Neptune in Pisces, in your 6th house, perhaps take up swimming, to relieve some stress. Alternating healing practices such as acupuncture, color therapy, reiki, sound baths, pranayama breathing, or yoga could help you stay balanced this year. You could even try exploring Youtube for some Hz meditations to restore your health.




Career/money- This year the North node is in the sign of Cancer which rules your tenth house of Career and South node is in Capricorn, which rules your family, home life. This year you are meant to focus on making your career a priority. We will have our first eclipse on January 5th, in Capricorn with the south node, in your 4th house of home and family. You may have to let go of some family responsibilities as you take on more career-oriented goals this year. It definitely will take some balancing between your work and home life. But it is time to get back to work in 2019. You will need to put more efforts into your career now so you will have to learn to delegate those family responsibilities and house chores a bit. If your sun is between 12-22 degrees of Libra, (October 5th-October  to October 15th) you will have Saturn squaring your sun this year. This will require you to take daily, deliberate steps toward advancing your career. Your career progress will be slow but steady. Do the work and you will reap the rewards once this transit is over. Your home life will feel like a big responsibility. Perhaps you have an infant at home, or an elder parent, managing your familial responsibilities with your workload will not be easy. Maybe you need to request to work from home a day or two. Later on in the summer, on July 16, we will have another eclipse this one a lunar eclipse in Capricorn at 24 degrees. This again is on that home/ career life axis. This time there will be a culmination in the area of the home and family. Eclipses are very karmic times, my advice is to just surrender to the flow of events. Things are releasing now, let go with love.



Travel- Jupiter will be in Sagittarius through December 2, 2019, giving us all, the itch to travel. Jupiter will be spending most of the year in your third house. This can bring many opportunities for short-distanced travel. Since your work/home life balance will be totally consuming at times. Try to plan some weekendadventures, to have a little fun with friends or loved ones. Perhaps check TripAdvisor for some family weekend getaways ideas that are kid friendly.


Family and friends- With the north node in Cancer it is a time to align with the concept of making family life a priority. There’s no doubt you will have to learn to navigate your career and family life in 2019. If your current employer does not have a compassionate understanding of your needs to be both a career women and a mama bear, then you may need to start looking for new employment that feels more aligned. With the south node in Capricorn we will feel the need to let go of old structures that are too rigid or demanding, and not supportive of our family life. Hopefully, you can navigate your way to a more balanced, approach between your career and home responsibilities.

       Your friends will bring you joy. Your neighbors, local friends, community members, or even siblings will be there for you to shoot the breeze, or to have a good laugh. Join a local mom’s group to connect with some fellow mom’s to do some fun local community exploring together. You will really appreciate the good company of friends this year!



Have a blessed year!

Helene Cierzo, Heart House Astrology


Mars Retrograde 2018 Horoscopes

How Mars In Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign



            Many you have heard about Mercury retrograde.  You probably expect delays, mechanical issues and miscommunications when Mercury retrograde comes to town. But today we are going to look into what Mars Retrograde represents and what it will bring for you this summer. Mars does not retrograde as often as Mercury. The retrograde phase of Mars happens about every 2+ years. This Mars retrograde cycle began on June 26 at 9 degrees Aquarius. When a planet changes directions it is 5 times stronger. So there may have been some sort of crisis around the time that Mars stationed to retrograde. Mars will station direct on August 27 at 28 degrees Capricorn. Mark your calendar for August 27 because there may be a pivotal moment marked by Mars changing directions. On October 8 Mars will clear the retrograde phase and move forward to 9 degrees Aquarius. It may take until this time to see the fruition of your efforts made during the Mars retrograde period. So be patient with yourself and the process.

            So what exactly does Mars represent? Mars represents our efforts, our initiatives, the way we defend our desires and passions. Mars is known as a malefic planet, and rules our warrior nature. A healthy Mars energy wants to propel forward, to initiate, and take action! However, during a Mars retrograde cycle, our energy is lower. We are in a more reflective state. Our sexual desires may seem to have been hit by the snooze button. We may feel much more lethargic and have a difficult time getting things done. It is a good time to re-assess our past actions. Use the summer months to rethink, to strategize, or engage in some sort of research. Make a plan Stan! A word of warning- you do not want to initiate a battle, lawsuit, or new romance. The initiator does not win during a Mars retrograde. So if you are involved in legal matters it is better to postpone until Mars goes direct. As for new lovers, well things will not work out as planned. However, old lovers may resurface now. If so there may be some sort of rebalancing of power that needs to play out.  Overall, wait until Mars moves direct to initiate new action. For now, gather information, re-evaluate your strategy, take a pause and let things flow.

The Sabian symbol associated with 9 degrees Aquarius- A Flag Is Seen Turning Into An Eagle. According to Lynda Hill, “This symbol reflects the need or desire for our inner thoughts to become manifest into our daily practice. Your core beliefs can be seen as your “Flag” and your announcements of and allegiance to them is like the “Eagle”. You may find that you are being asked to no longer project an image, but to own your true power.” In more dramatic situations, one may feel like they have been reborn, or suddenly become more motivated or inspired to carry through actions that they have previously only thought about. So instead of initiating, gather information and strategize. I feel with this Sabian symbol Mars retrograde is offering us an opportunity for rebirth. This is an opportunity to really sit with our dreams and take a moment to plan how we are going to move forward, with a more empowered  version of ourselves. Now let’s take a look at how Mars retrograde will affect your sign! It is best to read for both your ascendant and sun sign.


Aries & Aries Ascendant

Mars is your ruling planet, so you are strongly affected by Mars retrograde cycles. Mars will be retrograde in your 11th house, which rules friendships, social circles and your goals and ambitions. There may have been some sort of crisis in this area of your life. Perhaps you had an argument with a friend. You will have to put more effort into these areas of life. You may need to reevaluate your goals and what you are doing to manifest your goals. This is a good time to come up with a 5-year plan and get solid in what you really want to achieve. You may need to review how you can better use your energy towards achieving your goals. You may also re-asses your alliances to see if their ideals align with yours. Does your tribe support your authentic dreams? If not your evolving self may want to look for a new crew.


            Taurus & Taurus Ascendant

Less Mo Jo on the career front? Yes Mr. Mars going backwards in your career house may stall a big project and have you going back to the drawing board. Use the summer months to revamp a work project and by October you just may be in the limelight for a job well done! Also beware of conflicts with authority figures at this time. If you want to change your bosses mind, carefully strategize a thought out plan for whatever you are proposing. Wait until Mars goes direct to initiate it into action.


            Gemini & Gemini Ascendant

Has there been a halt in your travel plans? There may be a delay in getting that visa you hoped for. You may need to rethink your reason for travel or put off travel plans until Mars starts to move forward! You also may be dealing with issues with course work if you are studying in higher education. There may be prerequisite classes to your coursework or you may be dealing with transferring credits between colleges. This is another way Mars retrograde may play out for you. If you are involved in any legal matters, it is advised that you do not initiate any lawsuits at this time. It is said that if one initiates a lawsuit during a Mars retrograde, one will not win. Hold off until early October if you can!


            Cancer & Cancer Ascendant

There may be a delay in some money you were expecting. There could be an issue over an inheritance at this time. Mars retrograding in your 8th house of shared resources can also affect your partner’s resources. You may need to make a plan on how to survive on less until this matter gets sorted out. You may also find yourself evaluating your deep bonds. Are you feeling empowered in your closest relationships? If not it’s time to take your power back. You will either find a way to shift the relationship or you will hop on the bus Gus, and set yourself free!


            Leo & Leo Ascendant

Trouble in paradise? When Mars changed directions you may have experienced some sort of crisis with a partner. You may notice you are feeling more irritable with others this summer. Try to get your yoga on before you burn any bridges!  Exercise is a productive use of Martian energy. So if your feeling particularly stressed or irritable hit the gym or maybe take a martial arts class before you have a roaring brawl with your sweetie. Another possibility is an EX lover resurfaces. There may be some karmic balancing of power that needs to transpire!


            Virgo & Virgo Ascendant

Are you the last woman on the totem pole? Perhaps you have put your health and fitness goals on the side burner to deal with the high demand of your family’s needs. Well, it is time get back on track.  You may have had some health crisis when Mars stationed to retrograde. Or perhaps you had an enough is enough moment, and realize it is time to take better care of your health. This is a good time to research diet and fitness regimes. Try a couple on. You may want to try a Whole30 program. This will get you more in tune on how food affects your mood! Reflect on what your body needs and get yourself into a routine. If you stick with it you will be feeling a lot healthier by the fall.  This is a good time to do an organization purge as well. If you missed your “spring cleaning” this year, summer may be the perfect time to target those messy closets. After you release the clutter, and the items that no longer resonate, you will feel a lot lighter as well. Donate them to your favorite  charity.  This will satisfy your innate need to be of service. It’s a win -win! 


            Libra & Libra Ascendant

Kids home for summer? Your children will be requiring more effort during this retrograde season. Be open to new approaches for your child, to teach them to deal with anger. Your patience may be tested this summer with your little love bug. My best advice is to remember to be a good model for your child. When your little one is frustrated or acting out remain calm.  Call on your inner yogi! This is an opportunity for you to hold the space for peace. Let your child meet you there. Perhaps take a family yoga class. You may find some good techniques for the kiddos to practice when they are feeling frustrated or angry.  Another possible manifestation is that you will be reevaluating romantic relationships at this time. If your not feeling the love mojo for bae, it is time to reconsider what you need in a relationship. If you put in a little more effort, you may see by early fall a new beginning in your love life.


            Scorpio & Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio’s will also be greatly affected by Mars going retrograde. Mars is one of Scorpio’s ruling planets, along with Pluto. Although Scorpio’s can handle this energy well because they are masters at research, revising and rebirth! The area of your life that this Mars retrograde is affecting is your home and family life. There may have been some family drama coming to a head as Mars stationed to change directions. Try to avoid a family feud right now. Lay low. Think about how you want to shift the way you “engage” with family members. Your familial relationships roles are up for reassessment. Be open to trying on new roles. Another possible way this can manifest is more irritations at home. Perhaps you need to put together a “To do list”. Broken doorbells, fallen tiles, ripped screens, take a look around the house to see what needs to be mended. Once you have checked everything off the list, you will definitely feel more at peace!


            Sagittarius & Sagittarius Ascendant

Think before you speak! Mars retrograde is activating your communication house. Be careful not to start a war with your siblings or neighbors. If you do not control your anger you may impulsively say something that will wreak havoc on your summer. If you have a disagreement, try to distance yourself calmly. Give yourself time to reflect, and really think about what you want to say.


            Capricorn & Capricorn Ascendant

Mars retrograde is asking you to revaluate your finances. Your cash flow may come and go. It is a good time to really think about how you spend your money. Perhaps even looking into the company’s you support. It is a good time to investigate the values and integrity of the business’s you support. Do your research! It is also good time to create a budget plan. By becoming more accountable with your spending, you will be able to fine-tune your visions on building that empire! Mars will be retrograde in your second house. This house also rules food and how we nourish ourselves. You may want to make some changes on what your putting into your mouth. Are your meals made up of scraps from your toddlers’ plate? You may want to start doing some meal planning, and shift your focus to include ways to incorporate healthy eating habits.


            Aquarius & Aquarius Ascendant

Mars is retrograding in your sign Aquarius. You will be feeling this retrograde season strongly as well. The first house rules the body. You may experience lethargy during this Mars retrograde cycle. It is not a time to initiate new projects or goals, but let things play out. Take a watch and see approach. You may reinvent the way you do self-care. Hit up the salt cave, allow yourself some R & R, try working with color therapy. This is really a time to tend to your needs, allow your self some gentleness and you will see by fall a rebirth and transformation. 


            Pisces & Pisces Ascendant

Mars retrograde season will be in your 12th house. This may be interrupting your sleep. You may be dealing with anger that is unconscious or buried. This is a great time for doing your shadow work. Take more time to reflect. Start by making a dream journal. Write down your dreams, and integrate them into your conscious awareness. Reflect on ways you may be self-sabotaging your desires by old mental conditioning. Release old outworn ways. Keep practicing your affirmations and visualizations this summer and by early October you can start to see a shift in manifesting your desires.


Helene Cierzo

Heart House Astrology