"Thank you for the amazing reading. You have a great gift. Our session was one of the most enlightening experiences I've ever encountered. I have a much more defined picture of what is occurring at this time in my life, plus I know how to direct my energy with meaning and purpose. I am so grateful that you shared your insights with me, thank you for your guidance and wisdom!" Jennifer, Blogger and Mother, GA

"What an amazing reading I had from Helene a couple of months ago, she gave me so much insight and helped me through everything that was going on, her readings are so on point, she is intuitive, insight and thoughtful, getting my chart done by Helene was an open minded experience that help me to move forward on my next step. I love her and she always will be my to go girl. She blows my mind with her energy and on spot vision." Maria, Massage Therapist, SC

"Helene's reading was very thorough  and right on.  Her knowledge about Astrology, coupled with her intuition, make for a reading that is worth while." Teri, LLDC, N.J.

"Thank you so much for the amazing, beautiful reading you gave me. Priceless, fun and deep. Super grateful to have you. Hoping for more and lots of success for you! Xo" Molly, Life Coach, N.J.

"Helene!! Thank you again for the amazing chart reading...you were spot on and it was truly insightful. You've given me a lot of food for thought...thank you! Lots of love" Jennifer, Surgeon, N.J.

"Just had a fantastic astrology reading by the amazing Helene Cierzo! I cannot recommend her highly enough. The things that make Helene so unique in this are that in addition to her astrology skills, she adds her incredible positivity/beautiful energy along with her in-depth knowledge of behavior (she works as a behavioral expert) .... meaning that not only do you get a sense of why things are happening, or what factors are influencing you, but you also get guidance on specific things you can do to help you in it all! Wow! Amazing combination." Ruth, Professor and Writer, N.J.

"Had my first ever Astrology reading yesterday with Helene Cierzo. She was spot on about everything from my past and my present... can't help but be excited about what she said about my future! Looks like it is going to be an exciting and enlightening next few years.... I highly recommend her- send her a message to inquire! she'll even skype with ya if you are not from the north jersey area." Nancy, Behaviorist, N. J.

"I would love to have one of Helene's in-depth readings, but things are tight financially. I was able to utilize the One Question option and get the answer to the one question I couldn't get off my mind! The answer was still very thorough, and full of Helene's signature kindness and wisdom - it was exactly what I needed! I'll definitely be back for a longer reading when I can, but I'm so grateful for the One Question option!!!" Crystal, Artist, OR

"I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple Café style (on-the-fly) readings from Helene! Each reading has delivered accurate and valuable guidance addressing pressing themes currently affecting my life at that moment.  Her readings are both intuitive and genuine and are always delivered with her positive energy and gentle verity. I feel so lucky to have such a talented and sincere woman in my circle and am so excited that her talents are now offered to the world!"  Amanda, Speech Therapist

"Thank you! You're soo good! I can't believe it! So you were absolutely right! You told me on October 15 I would have a great day and that would set the tone for the rest of the year. And last week I got another promotion. I got a 45,000 dollar raise overnight. I'm relocating and everything. Brand new life. You called it!" Ken, Restaurant Manager, N.J.