I n Depth Natal Chart- Soul Reading

1 hour consultation - Evolutionary Astrology, including Nodal Axis Story. This includes the past life energies or the behavior patterns that your are evolving from and your evolutionary path you are moving toward. This reading is a deep soul level reading based on your natal chart, with intuitive guidance, personal mantras and gemstone recommendations are also included in this reading. This reading requires approximately 3 hours prep time before the consultation. This reading comes with 10 pages of hand written notes for you to keep. Cost: $222.

Natal Chart-

1 hour phone consultation based on evolutionary astrology. This reading focuses on who you are, your souls destiny and your life path. This reading does not include notes. It is an on the fly reading based on your birth chart. Birth time is needed for this reading. $150

2019 Yearly Horoscope Special

What will 2019 bring? You can be in the know, and plan accordingly, with this yearly personalized horoscope reading. This reading includes both a phone reading and written report for the next 12 months. This includes eclipses, transits, and progressions in your chart. The reading includes a 1hr phone reading and includes a handwritten report. Cost $333

Astro-Intuitive Reading

These readings are intuitive astro readings that  are done on the fly (no prep time). You can ask questions that you need guidance with and I will give advice and recommendations based on current planetary transits, the natal chart and intuitive guidance. This reading requires no prep time. 

over phone 1/2 hr $75, 1hr $150


These readings combine astrology and tarot to answer your questions. The readings are based on your natal chart, transit chart and secondary progression chart along with a tarot spread. 1/2 hour $75 . 

Couples in depth Reading

1 hr consultation - Synastry reading. Includes Nodal Axis stories for both partners, and how to support your partner on her/his journey to their North Node evolution. Also includes important synastry aspects between, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars, Venus, Pluto, and Nodes of the Moon. The goal of this reading is to help couples support each other by understanding their partner’s needs. Hand written report included. $300

Astro Transformational Coaching

Are you repeating the same patterns in your life? Do you stuck or blocked? Astro Transformational coaching consists of using the tools of astrology along with behavior analytic principle's to help support you towards understanding yourself better, navigating current planetary transits, and changing your behavior patterns so that you can transform your life. To begin Astro Transformational Coaching you must first have the in depth soul level reading. From there I offer weekly, bimonthly and monthly coaching options. Coaching sessions are available via phone or in person. Rates are as follows. Weekly 1/2 hr phone consultations $65. Weekly 1hr in person consultations $125. ( Must commit monthly  for this rate) Bimonthly 1/2 hr phone consultations $70 1/2 hr phone consultations, $125 in person 1 hr consultations.

Yearly Personal Astrologer- Monthly Call

Hello everyone and happy New Year!! I have decided to try something new this year and take on a handful of clients monthly and work with them throughout the year. All calls will be done via phone or Skype. If you would like to have your very own personal astrologer to look at your transit chart every month and support you  then I would love to work with you! You will be in the know about how the new moon, full moon, eclipses, and planetary transits that will affect you every month. If you have areas of focus, each month that can be addressed as well. Each month before our scheduled session you can email me any questions, or areas to focus on for your reading. I would love to spend this year  supporting you to reaching your highest potential. 30 minutes/ $65 or 1 hr $125 (monthly commitment)

Transit Reading- in depth 6 month transit

Do you need support navigating your life?  The transit reading will help you by being in the know of how to work with the energies that are currently in your sphere and that will be coming in over the next  6 months. You will be given specific dates of your transits, and how they will be affecting you. This includes a 10 page hand written report of your most important astrological transits. $200

Ladies Night Out

I am now offering mini astrology readings for your ladies night out event. 
If you and the ladies are planning a night out make your night special with personalized astrology readings. (8 person minimum for booking) Bergen/ Rockland counties. Travel fee may be included for further locations.

Goddess Parties

Would you like to have me come to your home and do a private event for you and your friends? I offer onsite readings for your guests. We have a couple of options for length of readings depending on your guests needs. I also can do a full moon/ new moon ceremony for an additional charge. Prices vary, please contact me for more information.

Corporate Events

I am available to do readings or workshops for your clients at your business or event location. rate. $150hr 

Children's Astrology Reading

Would you like to understand your child better? This is written in a style to help parents understand the unique gifts of their child. This reading's aim is to provide insights into your child's path to help you nurture and support them in the process.   $175,  With hand made calligraphy chart add $25

Answer 1 Question

Do you have a specific question you need guidance with? You can ask 1 question and you will get a written response, via email  based on your current transits. $35

Crystal Chakra Healings with Intuitive Guidance


Are you feeling in need of an emotional, physical and spiritual  tune up? Stressful lives, emotional hurts and environmental factors all influence our being and our energy. Ever say to your self, "I just don't feel like myself.'?  Or maybe you have felt stuck for along time. The body and the chakras hold on to the memories of events. This can make a Chakra muddy, or create blocks in the flow of the energy. During these sessions crystals will be placed upon your energy centers, while you are laying on a massage table, fully clothed. After the energy healing part of your session is complete, you will be given intuitive guidance based on the current planetary aspects. (birth time recommended but not required) 1hr $175

Crystal Gridding

Crystal grids are created to access specific healing journeys. The environment and crystals are cleansed and charged prior to your healing treatment. A powerful configuration of crystals are arranged in a specific array, to initiate healing. This ancient technique, includes cleansing your energy field, placing you at the center of the grid configuration and then a ritual is performed to assists the process of healing. Sessions 1hr, $225

 Grid Offerings

Self Love

This grid assists with inner healing of the heart chakra. This grid assists in discovering self love and connecting with the divine nature of love. This love helps awaken the heart and move you into your heart center. This healing can be especially useful for those who have suffered any sort of trauma or loss.

Love Connection

This grid is designed to send love to another no matter how far away they might be. This grid allows you to create a tunnel of long distance love, and connect on an emotional level. This grid can be done with one or two people. If one person is not present a photograph of the intended other may be used. This grid may be beneficial when loved ones are far apart. It can also be utilized to to send love to one another and to build that flow of giving and receiving love between two people who are present.

Time and Space

This grid is specifically designed to help two people work together more synergistically. This grid is perfect to do before the start of a project so that the two energies of the individuals can synchronize before the "group work". This helpful in supporting creative projects.

North Node

This grid array is designed to connect you with your North node destiny. It can help you tap into the energy of your north node and encourage you towards your abundant potential.

South Node

This grid can assist one in letting go of unwanted south node patterns that are no longer necessary for the soul's evolution. This healing will assist in forgiveness, and releasing of any feelings of anger, grief, or shame. It promotes cleansing of the emotional, mental and physical body.